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A10 Building, Haosi Industrial Zone,
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Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm

Next to Shenzhen International Airport

Welcome to visit us at anytime. Our factory is next to shenzhen international airport, which is 10.2KM away. You can arrive in less than 15 mintues by car.

You can also take a boat from Hongkong to the Fuyong Ferry which it is next to the Shenzhen Airport. We can arrange a car to take you to our factory from the airport or ferry. Please feel free to let us know about your trip before you come here.

Before Sending Your Quotation

We have a strong and powerful team, with advanced machines to meet the requirements to help you from product design to product come out. It is certain that we make sure every step is well optimized and with high quality. We follow the rule of guaranteeing the strict control on management and quality standard.

If you have triggered in the interest of requesting a quote, please feel free to let us know via sending email or calling.

In order to process CAD data with maximum flexibility, it is recommended to send data in .X_T/.STP/.IGS/.DWG/.SLDPRT file extension, and compressed (zipped) if there are multiple files. There are several ways to send you CAD data,

1. Email – the simplest method to send your data. But please remember to compress the files before attaching them. Prefer compressed file in zip format.

2. FTP – Transferring data using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is both fast and secure. For large files, we would recommend to use this method. Customers can only upload files to the FTP site and cannot view other folders or customer files. After complete uploading the files, please give us an email, and we will reply as soon as possible. Please email us to obtain the FTP settings.

3. Prefer own internet portal system – Please provide given user name and password, and the weblink of the portal system, we will download the files from your system, review and supply the quotation.