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Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining

As the fundamental to the rapid development of manufacturing industry, CNC machining has emerged as powerful support for this area. Owing that it is essential for a wide range of technologies, increasing customers prefer to select this technique as the machining way. We offer precision CNC machining services to customers from all over the world with the advanced equipment and professional advice by experienced and skillful engineers.

Rapid Tooling

The advantages of rapid tooling which is mainly fast production and lower cost makes it become more competitive in the manufacturing industry. It is able to adjust each kind of machining method. Generally speaking, rapid tooling allows you to clear that how the machined parts will work on and enable to test and confirm whether it is the right way to make.

Injection Molding

Throughout all machining methods, injection molding is better up to satisfy the customers’ demands that cost less and gain more. We provide injection molding services following the rule that how to make products become reality.

Die Casting

For metal parts, die casting may be the most considerable way to select as the machining method. The procedure of die casting is regarded as the most economical and quickest forming processes in this area.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Considering the delivery time to market, customers and manufacturers become awareness of the usage of low volume manufacturing. Due to its merits, it is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry.

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